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Hear what you read . from 6 to 106 years of age

El Solfeo no es feo: Hear what you read . from 6 to 106 years of ages es un método innovador de aprendizaje del solfeo que aglutina de una forma eficaz y divertida los conocimientos, metodología y experiencias del autor después de más de 20 años enseñando música.

El Solfeo no es Feo is original and fun, allowing beginners of all ages to learn to read music using a three pronged approach, simultaneously hearing reading and memorising phrases. The student learns through the various forms of memory bthat we have available to us: auditive; visual; rhythmic; nominal and muscular.

El Solfeo no es feo includes a cd which enables the student to realise a progressive series of exercises and studies, hearing what she or he is reading in a format that is both clear and entertaining. This allows the students to improve quicky and to gain confidence in the art of interpreting written music.

The method is established on the premise that we are all musicians and that everyone has the capacity to develop creatively and learn new things.

"Music theory is often considered dull and boring. Few people seem to enjoy getting to grips with it."

Our aim has three parts:
In order to understand music, we’ll listen, we’ll read and we’ll use simple language.

"We’ll use all the resources we have available to learn to read music.”

Una partitura no tiene por qué ser una partitortura. - Nestor Munt